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Walk in Nature
Portland Hiking Therapy Group

Please Note: The Hiking Therapy Group will be led by Oriana Korol, LCSW, of Full Circle Ecotherapy from January to mid-May, 2023, while I am on leave. To inquire about openings, you can contact her using the link above

About This Group

This outdoor-based, physically- active group involves elements of traditional therapy, nature-based stress reduction, and hiking ~ 2 miles in the forested park setting to reduce anxiety and depression and improve overall mental health. Groups typically consists of 4-8 participants and takes place in a forested park in SW Portland, OR. Read about group therapy fees here.

Group Format

​A group session typically follows a structured format and consists of:

  • A warm welcome and grounding exercise 

  • Check ins- highs and lows of the week

  • Topic(s) for the session

  • Hike on a predetermined route ~2 miles

  • Guided prompts for discussion while hiking

  • Pause for discussion, reflection, or practicing a new skill

    • mindfulness stress reduction​

    • CBT thought reframing

    • experiential learning & sharing

  • Debrief

  • Grounding exercise

  • Closing reflections

All participation is voluntary, and participants are always welcome to say "pass" or opt out of any planned group exercises or discussions. We take breaks on the trail to provide time to rest, reflect, and share.






Research shows that time in nature benefits our mental well-being, including decreasing anxiety and stress, calming the nervous system, improving mood, increasing self esteem, and improving a sense of connection to the natural world. 

Past participants report expanding self-awareness, developing more helpful thought patterns, developing an increased capacity for emotional expression, developing healthy interpersonal boundaries, learning and developing practical tools for emotional well-being.

COVID Protocol

Participants should be comfortable in a group setting and wearing a mask (due to COVID) for the duration of the session. Social distancing will be practiced, and the group will take place 100% outdoors. If a participant has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID, or has any symptoms that may present a COVID symptom concern, they should not attend group.


Can I join?

Individuals who typically thrive in this group are:​

  • Comfortable in the group setting

  • Have a desire to improve their mental well-being

  • Willing to wear a mask and practice social-distancing (due to COVID)

  • Able to communicate needs, preferences, or request accommodations to the Facilitator

  • In good physical conditioning and do not have any serious health concerns that would interfere with being able to walk up to 2 miles at a time

A screening intake session (one on one) is required before the first group session to ensure proper fit, alignment with goals, and to provide more detailed information about the group. The intake session is charged at the same rate as the group session. If it is determined that the group is not a good fit, a referral to an appropriate group will be made. Submit an email, call, or contact form to request a spot in the next group opportunity.

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This group takes place in SW Portland, Oregon. The exact meeting location is shared after a participant has completed an intake session. We do this to protect confidentiality and location of participants.



Group time may vary depending upon the time of year, when the sun sets, etc. Timing is coordinated to be accomodating of those who work full time M-F. Group sessions range between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the time of year a group takes place.



This group is offered to adults ages 18+. Participants should feel comfortable wearing a mask and being socially distanced (due to COVID), be relatively comfortable in the group setting, and have good overall health, with an ability to walk at least 2 miles. Most participants are involved in their own individual therapy (with another counselor or with me) in addition to being in the group.

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