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Facilitating Experiences that Empower Individuals & Groups on their Journeys of Mental Health

Walking to Campsite

College + Grad Students

Competitive Athletes

Adults who had Difficult Childhood Experiences

Adventurers Drawn to Solitude due to Trauma History

LGBTQ + Individuals

Suicide Bereavement

Counseling Offered in Formats to Fit Your Lifesytle.
Pick The Format that Works Best For You

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Hiking Therapy 

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Online Counseling

for Adult Individuals


In Person

Individual Counseling for Adults In-Office

(mask and vaccination required)

Hiking Therapy- an Outdoor Approach to Mental Wellness

If you're looking for a different approach to therapy, you have found it. Hiking Therapy takes place outdoors on the trail and involves partnering with nature as an aid in developing mental wellness. Rather than meet at the office and sit, we meet at the trail where we walk and talk.

Time in nature has many benefits, including:

  • helping to improve moods

  • regulating emotions

  • calming the nervous system

  • boosting self-esteem

Hiking Boots
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My Approach to Therapy

I take a relational approach to our work together. Here's what I can offer to you:

  • A caring and collaborative relationship where you are known and respected

  • Tools for managing difficult symptoms

  • Goal setting

  • Experiences that expand self awareness

  • Practice in sharpening interpersonal skills, including boundaries and communication

  • Collaborative partnership to address trauma & early childhood wounds

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Aimee Frazier, MA

Professional Counselor Associate

I believe that our experiences have the power to shape who we become, how we perceive ourselves, the world, and interact within our relationships. 

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